Forget everything you know about taking a cruise.
We did.

Introducing Blue World Voyages. Active Lifestyle Cruising. It’s the world’s first cruise line 100% dedicated to sports, fitness and wellness—and personal discovery. With onboard and onshore activities and amenities designed specifically for the millions of people who live (or want to live) active, healthy lifestyles.

Forget the water slides, slot machines, and tour busses. Our reimagined 425-guest “casual five-star” ship can take you places the big cruise lines can’t. And on the way, and on shore, you’ll discover how Blue World has completely redefined what it means to take a cruise.

The reason we created the world’s first cruise line dedicated to active, athletic, healthy lifestyles, and personal discovery? Because our passengers can’t sit still. They’re active. They run, they bike, they hike, they paddleboard, they kite-surf, they scuba, they snorkel, they golf, they explore, they play sports. And they don’t consider shuffleboard a sport.

But they’re human. And humans like to escape the daily grind now and then. The last thing they would think of is taking a cruise. Because who wants to put on 10lbs and sit on a tour bus for four hours?

That’s why Blue World exists. We’re the antidote to the one-size-fits-all cruise blues.