When we say Active Lifestyle Cruising, the “active-lifestyle” part doesn’t stay back on the ship when you venture ashore.

First, as a smaller, more intimate vessel, we can take you to places the floating hotels can’t. That’s a good start, especially when you want to get closer to unspoiled reefs, hidden waterfalls, and the kind of hiking and biking you just won’t find near jumbo sized ports of call.



We'll also provide you with the latest, highest-quality equipment and supervision needed to achieve your ultimate adventure: whether you want to snorkel, scuba, surf, kayak, zodiac, paddle board, bike, hike, golf, take photos, or just take a break - sampling the best food and beverage the locals have to offer. We even have a Blue World app that will help you find that special cuisine (or a taxi, or anything, locally speaking). And since our ships stay later in most ports, you'll have more time to enjoy yourself - and finish that beverage.